Re learning intention.



I close my eyes and take a deep breath. There's a space, I can almost feel it sometimes. As I start to sink into the chair I'm sat on and I feel each breath going in and out of my body a heaviness starts to resonate from the inside out. Incense, candles, soft music, all of it I use to soothe out the outside world whilst I take a moment to find my footing in my internal space. Then I find it, a gap in between each thought. I listen out for it and the more I do the quieter my mind gets. This silence is active, peaceful but filled with intention. Stillness is not quite the right word for it, it's more fluid than that. I listen and sink deeper and deeper into alignment with it and that's when I first start to feel it, the truth of who I am. The substance of love that is the birth place of all of us. This process can take moments or sometimes an hour but finding that space each day is what keeps me sane (ish) in the world we live in. It's a moment of peace.


Once I've connected I like to set an intention to my day and that used to mean a really compact to-do list. These days it's smaller. I am still healing my body and there is a definite energy limit on what I can do for a short while yet. So my goals have been purely states of being. How do I want to feel? What is the Universe trying to speak through me and onto the planet today? What am I a vessel of? What am I curious about? I play with these questions a little bit until I feel a connection with something and that's where I start. Sometimes I feel inspired to take a walk on the beach. Sometimes it's to make sure I take some time to really connect with Stu before he leaves for work. Sometimes I don't get any sort of guidance from the Universe straight away. Once I feel connected and inspired or even a little bit curious I set an intention.


An intention is like a small mission statement which, when spoken aloud or taken very deeply into yourself has the effect of calling on all aspects in resonance with that intention into attendance. When I set and intention to do something, rather than just mindlessly doing it I feel more present, more connected and I tend to enjoy myself more. As an added bonus I also seem to manifest more fun things. I co create more synchronicities. I get better ideas and I also free myself of any of the other parts of a normal daily to do list. Setting an intention is like laying claim to a part of your energy and channelling it more fully. Today, or whenever you can, take a moment to say a silent prayer to yourself and set an intention to do the absolute best version of whatever you were going to do today anyway. If you're in work, set the intention to have the most aligned day, the funnest even. Try playing with intention for a week or so and see what it can do for you. I think, like me, you'll be surprised to relearn as many tricks as you can that call you energetically to exactly where you are.


As we culturally, socially and energetically plough through some major transits in human consciousness creating a deeper relationship with intention may help keep you grounded.


Big Love


Ryan James

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