Frequently Asked Questions.



How much do you charge for a reading?


£40 per person with each reading lasting roughly 40 minutes to an hour.


How soon can you do the reading?


For the last 4 years I've had a 6 to 8 month waiting list. I try my best to keep it down as much as possible but I'm afraid there will be a wait.


Do you have cancellations?


Yes I do and I put them up on my facebook page which is .


Do you do groups?


Yes. I can read up to 5, maybe 6 people in a row ( with a small break in between and plenty of coffee ) and I ask a £10 deposit per person be given to me at least a month before the readings commence.


Do you do phone/skype readings?


Not at this moment no. I prefer the process to be in person.


Where do the readings take place?


These days I only read from my home in Uplands, Swansea.




 Whats the quickest way to book?


By calling me on 07974 022 525!



What kinds of things do you cover in your reading?


I am a medium, meaning I act pretty much like a telephone with a beard! I listen to what the spirits around you tell me and show me and I pass that on the best of my ability. I'm also a psychic, I read through your energy/aura and pick up on energy breaks, colours, ideas and truths that are showing up. I'm also a medical intuitive, meaning I can see into the energy body of a person and pick up what's happening within you.


I also leave room at the end of every reading for you to ask questions if what you were coming for hasn't already been answered. I do say though that there are no guarantees with this kind of work.





What if I need to cancel an appointment?


I totally understand if an appointment needs to be cancelled or re arranged all you need to do is call me or send me a message so I can rearrange or cancel it for you. Failure to do so means that I won't read you again. 



If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Ryan James

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Want more?


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