Medical Intuitive


     I've always enjoyed the process of helping others heal and to move forward. This particular part of my work is focussed more on helping clients build a closer relationship to their bodies and spirits. Think of it more as a councelling session with "my friends upstairs" helping out. I am able to sense the energy imbalances within the body that help to create our illnesses and identify when that imbalance began. Through a process of placing my hands on certain parts of your body I allow spirit to work through me and identify and balance out what is happening within you.


     If you have been to one of my readngs and have experienced the "Body scan", this is a much deeper part of this process. Collaboratively we identify the beliefs and collections of energies and thoughts and emotions trapped/stored within the body and we work together on releasing them. Your participation in this process is essential. The information given to each client varies greatly from affirmations to diet, energy work to complete rest. 


     If you are considering a healing session with me then it's best to ring before hand to discuss your needs. Before you come I ask that on the day you eat lightly and drink plenty and [IMPORTANT] for two weeks after you MUST rest. The healing I provide changes the way your energy works which requires a time of adjustment afterwards. This can be a little unsettling for some and the emotional upheaval can feel daunting but a "shaking out" of what's been trapped within you will bring you to a lighter and more free way of moving within the universe.


A healing session with me costs £40 and lasts for an hour and a half to two hours.



Ryan James

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