As within so above.


As within So above.




Dear God,


Unravel the patterns of my life and lay me out,

Stretch me over fields and plant flowers in my hands.

Let the flowers grow to be the fountain of your grace.

Let the flowers grow into your divine plans.


Unravel the pain inside my body

Let me know the peace in between each breath.

Help me see the light inside the light that fills the Earth.

Help me see beyond the veil I've come to know as death.


Unravel my senses till I know only a silence.

Unravel my hands so all I can hold is you.

Stretch my back tall into the thinking space of angels.

Lift my feet into the graces you would have me do.


Today I am open and quiet in my asking.

Today I ask you let me feel your love.

Today as I unravel let me find a piece of silence.

Today I ask you only

Make my heart as within, so above.



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