Beloved is the ground.




Great Mother,


Beloved is the ground I walk on,

I give my peace of mind to trees,

Let me lay upon the river,

Let me float and feel the breeze

of watching clouds as they pass over,

Let me know that I am blessed.

Clothed in love and made of wonder,

Let my passion know no rest.

Let me run with wolves and lions,

Let me swim with whales and fish,

Let me know the joy of having

and pursuing every wish.



Beloved is the heart I carry,

I give my love to love itself.

Hold my body in your comfort,

Let me seek kindness as wealth.

Make me rich in love and family,

Like you made me rich in blood and bone.

Let my eyes see all your greatness,

Carve your secrets in the stones

that wash upon the beaches

and they write your scriptures in the sands,

Thank you for the All I'm given,

Let me write it in my hands

That I am grateful for what I hold

and excited for what is to come

all unfolds when it is ready

and I'll sit with you till it's done.



Blessed be.

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