Make me a River.


Make me a river


Great Mother,



Root me to the Earth so in my faith I cannot be swayed

Help me to bow with winds that breathe through my leaves

Whisper to me what I need to hold me in my light

Place your hand upon my shoulder when I need your comfort


I offer you my life so it may be perfected

I offer you my dreams so they may make manifest

I offer you my body so it may be sacred

I offer you my eyes so they may see only your flow


Today make me a river

Today turn me to stone

Today let me know the colour of soil

Today make me the patience of clouds

Today make me a tiger

Today make me a tree

Today turn me to roaring waves

Awaken all my memories


You wrote the secrets of the world

deep within my blood

Root me to it's essence until it's understood

Shape my life to your standard

And keep it in your heart

Today make me a river

with no ending and no start.



Blessed be.

by Ryan James

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