With me now.


With me Now.



My Dearest Angel,



I know you are in heaven now,

and heaven is just a thought away.

Your light will never leave my heart

the love you shared is here to stay.

I held your hand for just a moment

But just a moment was just enough

For many walk this Earth

that never got the grace of your loving touch.

You were a strength inside a light

That no one really understood.

And no one really needed to,

you loved as deeply as you could.

And now you dance on clouds

and fly upon the wings of butterflies.

We talk and laugh still in my dreams

your joy the tears in my eyes.

There is no death, no other room

no separation, no disconnect

You've always been here and always will be

In the space in between each breath.

In your body, out of body,

inside out and upside down

I've always seen the angel in you

and I feel you with me now.



Thank you,



Bless you.  

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