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          My primary focus as a psychic is to be in alignment with the intent of spirit which I believe is to uplift you to a deeper understanding of yourself. I believe that it is through this understanding that we are able to accept the guidance of spirit.


     I both see and hear spirits and they communicate to me through words, images and emotions. They tend to be very direct in their communication and will speak bluntly on the issue they are dealing with. I make a point of saying that the opinions expressed during the reading are not my own! I do, as often as I can ask the client to be as open minded as possible about the information that is coming through and to always keep in mind that spirit has access to a perspective that is much clearer than we have.  They inform me about past, present and future all depending on the issue or topic being discussed.


    I try to structure my readings as much as possible, covering love life, jobs, home life, family and anything else the spirits feel they need to pass on. I can only give what I am given but I do my best to be as honest and upfront about the information I receive.  I always allow time at the end of my readings for my clients to ask questions but I prefer to let the spirits take the lead initially.


     There are no guarantees that you will hear what you want to hear in a reading or even speak to a spirit that you thought you would speak to. If there is someone specific you wanted to speak to then I always say to bring something that belonged to them, an item of jewellery, a photograph, that can sometimes help me to connect with their energy and allow communication.


     There is no right or wrong time to have a reading. Do your best to listen to your instincts and come when you feel ready, spirit will take care of the rest!


     I charge £40 per reading which lasts roughly 1 hour and I say to all of my clients and have done for years that if you are not happy with the quality of reading you have received from me then no money changes hands. I can't be fairer than that!


Big Love


Ryan James


Ryan James

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