A moving experience.

"I’ve had two readings and a healing with Ryan. I can honestly say the first time I saw him I felt like I’d won the lottery, for that higher level of joy I would gladly pay many times over. It was insightful, optimistic, calming and energising all at the same time. He told me personal things about my family and I that are more than just coincidence. They were fact!

He gave me some excellent advice in relation to my health and it’s helped. He was able to identify that I needed an operation (which I did). Following the operation I suffered from facial palsy and I visited Ryan for a healing. The first time I’d tried anything like that and he reassured me and said I would recover and thankfully I have. It was a moving experience and one that certainly aided my recovery; I highly recommend it to everyone.

Ryan is a gentleman in the fullest sense of the word. The way that he translates what the spirits are saying is truly magical. Since seeing Ryan I feel I have a much closer connection with my angels and they help me when I need it most; I find it really comforting. Thank you Ryan for being such a kind and wonderful person you have a special gift that can help others like me to make changes for the better. You are an angel. Thank you so much.

Sarah xx"

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